VEGAN Stone Natural Bath and Body Soap Bar

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Craving the invigorating scent of the mountains? Our Stone Natural Soap captures the essence of crisp mountain air infused with masculine spices and subtle hints of musk. Imagine standing on a serene peak, breathing in the fresh, brisk aroma that energizes your senses.

We’ve blended in delicate notes of dianthus and frankincense, creating a perfect harmony of strength and sophistication.

Generous 4.5 oz bar is crazy long lasting.

I highly recommend slicing a 1/4 inch sliver off the end of the soap and placing it in the shower or at the sink for daily use. Keep the rest of the bar in the reusable plastic bag and store in a cool, dry location. This will help make your bar last a really long time!


Handmade with the best of Saponified Oils (Olive Oil, Organic Palm Oil**, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Shea Butter*), Fragrance, Pumice, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide. **Fair Trade, Sustainable-Palm Done Right, *Fair Trade

♥ Thank you so much for making a purchase from my small business. Your support really means a lot to me!

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